Here are some of the bad guys that fought MASK throughout the run...

"I'll get you MASK!"
MILES MAYHEM -- Mayhem was the leader of VENOM. Mayhem once was on the same side as Matt Trakker until he double crossed Matt and stole half of the masks. He also killed Matt's brother in the process. Mayhem is usually seen piloting Switchblade, though he would occasionally share a vehicle with his brother. Also, while wearing his cooler Python mask and costume, he'd hang out in a vehicle called "Outlaw" with a butt kisser named Nash Gorey, the 80's answer to Waylon Smithers. "Gorey you ignoramus, what if I used my python mask and whipped you?" "If you did it sir?"
"Bend over and squeal, boy!"
VANESSA WARFIELD -- No wonder I grew up to be so perverted. The woman went around with a whip. Vanessa had more balls than most of the men on her team which made her a valuable member of VENOM. If I remember correctly, she also had the Female GI Joe stereotype of being a master of disguise, but I could be wrong. It took FOREVER for them to make a Manta toy, but lucky for us, they did. Vanessa was cool.
CLIFF DAGGER -- If Scott and T-Bob were your stereotypical annoying sidekicks, then Cliff Dagger would be your stereotypical bumbling idiot bad guy. Dagger made Rosco P. Coltrane look like a genius. There really might not be another bad guy as stupid as Cliff Dagger in the history of cartoons. That's how dumb he really was. But we liked him anyway.
"MASK will be riiiight baaack... and so will VENOM"
SLY RAX -- Ever notice that Sly Rax sounds just like Jack Nicholson? "MAAASK will be right back... and so will VENOM." Poor Rax always got stuck hanging out with that dipstick Dagger, so he didn't get to accomplish much, even with his Stiletto mask and cool Piranha vehicle. We won't mention that he also got to run the tire-shooting Pit Stop. Talk about no respect. Sly Rax is the Rodney Dangerfield of VENOM. "It's like Boulder Hill... with a tan."
BRUNO SHEPPARD -- This is another guy whose action figure made him look like a total doofus. Bruno came around later on in the original run of the series. He drove Scorpion/Stinger, an old GTO that turned into a tank kinda thing.
LESTER SLUDGE -- If you're watching one of the racing episodes and you hear an annoying laugh followed by a buzz saw, this means Lester Sludge is on the way to cause trouble. Don't be stupid and let the wings of your car out or he'll cut them off. If I remember correctly his vehicle, Iguana, was the first "Racing Series" toy to be released.
MAXIE MAYHEM -- Did you know Miles Mayhem had a twin brother? Okay, neither did we until the racing episodes aired. Maximus "Maxie" Mayhem was I believe the younger of the two (it's been so long I'm not sure), but together they piloted the Buzzard vehicle. Buzzard's "splitting" feature probably was the inspiration for the later MASK "Split Seconds" toy line.
"I'm Sting!"
FLOYD MALLOY -- I remember when I got the "Vampire" toy and then soon after someone (I know it was you Chris Nelson!) *stole* my Floyd Malloy figure. I was pissed. I got a new one eventually though. Floyd's hair looked as if he'd been in the wind too much, and if you look at his toy you'd swear he belonged in a Rob Liefeld comic book. Floyd didn't appear much on the cartoon, being one of the characters who showed up in the later episodes. There isn't much more to say about him, probably because even I barely remember him. Was he British or something? (Not that there's anything wrong with that...)

Don't have a picture for this one yet, but here's his profile:

NASH GOREY -- The Waylon Smithers of the VENOM set. Nash idolized Mayhem. He was often heard saying "Okay Mayhem, anything you say." Nash Gorey (nicknamed "Goon" by some) was somewhat of a nerd, but his Powerhouse mask took care of those who messed with him. Despite being a total dork, Gorey got one of the coolest VENOM vehicles: Outlaw, which was the big tanker with "Snake Oil" on the side.

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