Voice Actors

Who provided the voices for MASK, and whatever happened to those people? MASK: The Web Page went to the Internet Movie Database to get the scoop....

Who could resist throwing a picture up of Scott Trakker's "father," Jason Seaver. Err.. Alan ThickeBRENNAN THICKE, the youngest member of the MASK voice cast, provided the voice of Scott Trakker. He is the son of "Growing Pains" dad Alan Thicke and "Facts of Life" theme song singer Gloria Loring. He also was heard in the late 80's providing the voice of "Dennis the Menace."

DOUG STONE provided the voices of Matt Trakker/Nash Gorey/Dusty Hayes/Bruno Shepherd/Boris Bushkin/Max Mayhem/Bruce Sato. Recently he provided the voice of the Skelekron Master on "Power Rangers Lost Galaxy" and was the announcer on the "Star Trek: The Game Show" video game.

MARK HALLORAN was the voices of .... Buddy Hawkes/Ace Riker/Sly Rax. The Internet Movie Database has no other credits listed for him.

The voices for Alex Sector/Floyd Malloy/Miles Mayhem/Jacques Lefleur/Nevada Rushmore/Dr. Clay were provided by BRENDAN McKANE. McKane has done more on-camera work in recent years, guest starring on Melrose Place and also the first season Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Coming of Age."

GRAEME McKENNA lent his voice to T-Bob as well as Calhoun Burns. He appeared in a 1997 TV-movie called "Weapons of Mass Destruction" which had Jason Lee in it so it had to have been cool.

Almost all of the female voices on MASK were provided by SHARON NOBLE. Ms. Noble also lent her voice to the "Dennis the Menace" series that featured Brennan Thicke as Dennis.

Isreal-born BRIAN GEORGE was the voice of Ali Bombay. His voice could also be heard on "Batman Beyond" and the "Superman" animated series. Mr. George also has spent a lot of time in front of the camera as well. He was the Indian bartender in "Keeping the Faith" and the UN Secretary in "Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery." He also appeared as both Lois's landlord and Sam Lane's assistant Misha on two separate episodes of "Lois & Clark."

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