After 65 episodes of MASK pursuing VENOM around the world, what is there to do for an encore?

The concept of MASK changed a bit when the MASK racing series began airing in 1986. Sadly, many of these episodes were relegated to an abysmal 6:30am timeslot. In the racing episodes, MASK and VENOM raced at various locations across the world usually to win some kind of prizes.

Interestingly, Scott Trakker and T-Bob, who were very prevalent in the first series, were barely seen at all in this series beyond a lesson or two at the end of the show. Matt Trakker and Miles Mayhem as their respective teams' leaders didn't even appear every time.

The new series also introduced new characters from Boris Bushkin ("Me Grimlock!") to the maniacally-laughing Lester Sludge. Vanessa Warfield's Manta returned with a few improvements, and many of the original series' characters returned with new looks (such as Buddie "Clutch" Hawks and Brad Turner). The new series introduced Miles Mayhem's brother Maxie to the mythos, and also in this new series VENOM knew the secret identities of MASK -- so the "I'll get you MASK!" calls for revenge changed to "I'll get you Trakker!"

Plot wasn't as important or as good in many of the racing episodes, although some interesting new ideas came up (Brad Turner and Vanessa?). Some characters only appeared for very brief appearances, such as Dusty Hayes in the Billboard Blast or Sly Rax in his Pit Stop Catapult.

MASK Agents best suited for missions:
(# of appearances does not include end of episode lessons)
Nevada Rushmore: 5 episodes
Ali Bombay: 5 episodes
Matt Trakker: 5 episodes
Buddie "Clutch" Hawks: 3 episodes
Boris Bushkin: 3 episodes
Calhoun Burns: 3 episodes
Ace Riker: 3 episodes
Brad Turner: 3 episodes
Dusty Hayes: 3 episodes
Alex Sector: 2 episodes
Jacques LaFleur: 1 episode
Gloria Baker: 1 episode

VENOM Agents Appearing:
Miles Mayhem: 8 episodes * Bruno Sheppard: 7 episodes
Lester Sludge: 6 episodes * Maximus "Maxie" Mayhem: 5 episodes
Vanessa Warfield: 5 episodes * Sly Rax: 3 episodes
Floyd Malloy: 5 episodes * Nash Gorey: 1 episode


#1 "Demolition Duel to the Death"
Synopsis coming

First appearances:
Buddie Hawks' "Wildcat" vehicle, updated Manta, Boris Bushkin, and Lester Sludge

#2 "Where Eagles Dare"
Synopsis coming
First appearances: Goliath, Nevada Rushmore, The Collector, Maxie Mayhem

#3 "Homeward Bound"
Synopsis coming
First appearance: Ali Bombay

#4 "Battle of the Giants"
MASK and VENOM race in Australia to win a vaulable secret formula. Why VENOM was even qualified to run in this race we'll never know. Matt and Miles end up finishing the race on fair terms -- without masks or weapons -- when both of their vehicles are damaged.

#5 "Race Against Time"
Synopsis coming
First appearances: Brad's new vehicle & mask, Billboard Blast, Pit Stop Catapult

#6 "Challenge of the Masters"
Synopsis coming
First appearance: Meteor

#7 "For One Shining Moment"
Synopsis coming

#8 "High Noon"
Synopsis coming

#9 "The Battle for Baja"
The Mexican president's son races in Goliath in a race across the Baja desert. MASK and VENOM also participate in this race. Part of the fun of this episode is seeing how Boris can completely disregard his teammate Clutch, but then later work together so they all can get in and finish the race in time. Everyone seems to have this naive caring of their fellow man -- unfortunately including the president's son, who responds to a distress call from Buzzard.

#10 "Cliffhanger"
The final episode of the MASK series features Brad Turner and Vanessa Warfield in a race honoring Nevada Rushmore's tribe.

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