He was once a hero; a member of a team who believed illusion was the ultimate weapon.

He was also an idol to millions, performing in concerts around the world. Then the team disbanded, and after a stormy relationship, Brad Turner returned to the dark place he thought he'd never return -- a world of drug abuse and depression. This is Behind the Music, July 12, 1999 -- Brad Turner.

Brad Turner was born on August 15, 1960 in Madison, Wisconsin. The son of Bradley Turner Sr. and Eugenia Turner, Brad learned at an early age that he had a knack for music.

The knack led to several chances for young Turner to sing in local restaurants. Talent shows followed, and an appearance by an eight-year-old Brad on "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson" got people loving the "cute little kid from Wisconsin."

In high school Brad started his own band, T-5, and he and friends grew to even more stardom.

In 1982, the band broke up. In 1983, Brad Turner embarked on his solo career. But it wasn't until late 1984, when Matt Trakker, founder of a team of heroes called MASK, called Brad in, that the popularity of Brad Turner began to soar.

Brad joined the team and acquired a mask called "Hocus Pocus," which projected holograms. An expert motorcyclist, Brad drove a cycle, Condor, which could go at extended hyperspeed. The cycle also had an anti-matter ray which served Brad on several occasions.

Even though Brad would often have to leave in the middle of concerts for important MASK missions, fans understood.

Meanwhile over on the other side of the fence, Vanessa Warfield had associated herself with who would soon be Brad's arch enemies -- the Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem -- VENOM for short.

The terrorists known as VENOM soon tried to play it straight by becoming racecar drivers. It was at that time Brad acquired a new vehicle. He also had a new flame -- Vanessa Warfield, the girl who worked for the wrong side of the law. Sexual tension existed between the two that was undeniable.

In December of 1986, the unexpected happened. Miles Mayhem was caught and placed in prison, where he remains today. The catch was attributed to none other than Vanessa Warfield herself.

After the Mayhem trials, Brad and Vanessa admitted their feelings for one another. Vanessa even bore a child, a son, who is now twelve years old and living a peaceful life with his grandmother. Their quick courtship led to marriage. Things couldn't seem to get better for the Turners... but one thing was for sure: With MASK gone, and the relationship with someone deemed unsavory by the media, Brad Turner's popularity took a nosedive.

While Brad toiled in financial trouble, his wife had been doing what she had plotted all along -- she had returned to crime. When Vanessa Warfield was arrested on January 13, 1988; the world was shocked -- but none more than Brad Turner. Suddenly his happy life with a wife and a successful career were gone.

Shunned, Brad had turned to alcohol and drugs. He had considered suicide. Old friends such as Matt Trakker weren't able to help.

"I really thought he was a lost cause," old friend Hondo McLean said. "Suddenly, he wasn't the Brad we all knew. He was... different. Despondent."

Bruce Sato agreed. "The man in the leather jacket should not get wet."

At one point Brad Turner had sunk so low as to buy drugs from one of his enemies -- a former VENOM agent turned drug lord named Sly Rax. Rax served from 1991 to 1996 in prison before being killed in a jail-cell murder.

While Brad succumbed to his demons, Vanessa Warfield gave reformation another try. Warfield, in a relocation program, dyed her hair blond and married another musician, named Kurt Cobain. Now going by the name of Courtney Love, Warfield is a member of the popular band Hole, and is doing very well. Brad and Vanessa haven't spoken since 1992.

Under the recommendation of Matt Trakker, Brad enrolled in an anti-drug program and claims it has been a success. Brad has also worked very hard at rebuilding his career.

The rebuilding hasn't been without bad moments. In 1998 Brad attempted to appeal to a younger generation by joining the popular "boy band" 'N Sync. It didn't work. Adding to Turner's frustration, former MASK agent Julio Lopez joined the wave of Latin pop stars and has had great success -- something that has eluded Turner for over a decade. But Brad is confident.

"I will make my comeback," he says.

And we'll be watching.

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